Meet Lissi Pabon, the Owner and Creative Force of SoyLis Creations And Events

An Event Planning Artist with a Passion For Going Above and Beyond

Lissi brings passion and a personal touch to her event planning that is appreciated by everyone she works with. Her reliability and commitment to excellence have earned her the trust of a growing number of customers. Many of her clients have come back to her for multiple events, and she always receives strong word-of-mouth recommendations.

First and foremost, Lissi cares about communication. From your first conversation with her, you will understand her devotion to your satisfaction. If you have strong ideas of what you would like, Lissi will take the time to hear them and then turn your dreams into a visual reality. If you aren’t sure what style of event you are looking for, she will patiently go over your options, and then create an experience for you and your guests beyond anything you can imagine.

Lissi combines strong organizational skills with a creative eye, resulting in a combination that can’t be beat. With over a decade of event planning experience, she has the knowledge, background, and skills to handle every aspect of your event. Lissi will handle all the details, so you will have a stress-free event that allows you to enjoy your time with your guests.

SoyLis literally means “I am Lissi” in Spanish, and her choice of name reflects the very personal approach and pride she brings to her event planning. Lissi has lived and worked in North Jersey her entire life, and is proud to provide her creative services to her community and beyond.

Lissi Pabon - Event / Wedding Planner and Floral Designer

“My favorite moment is my client’s reaction and seeing how all of the planning and details come together on their special day. I get a wonderful sense of satisfaction from helping them create an event that will be remembered for years to come.”.
-Lissi Pabon